Jay-Youth Lopez | 22 years old | Los Angeles, California | Open

Bio: Up to user.

  • Kiarra - Best Friends.

Jessica Moore | The Schemer | 21 years old | Tappahannock, Virginia | Open | FC: selieandxo

Bio: Jessica is a lot of things, she pretty, smart, a fighter when the time is right. She gets into your head and makes you think you’re crazy. So, she doesn’t fight much but she will fuck with you until you push her to fight you. The reason she’s like that is because she never had anyone to tell her no. She never heard no, at school, at home, anywhere. So, Jessica is going to continue to hurt and manipulate you until you try her. Once you touch her, she might end your life. For good.’

Where are you from? “Tappahannock, the country I know.”

Why do you want to be on the Bad Girls club? “You know, I’m the baddest girl at home. Might as well be the baddest bitch here.”

Issues: Narcissistic, Insecure

What makes you pop off? “Depends on how hard you hit me. That’s it.”

"Wait, it was too easy to hurt you without even knowing."

Christina Marie | The Wanna-be | 21 years old | Chicago, Illinois | Open | FC: aaleeyahpetty

Bio: Christina is your girl next door. She grew up in a wealthy neighborhood in Chicago. Her family always gave her what she wanted and never said no to her. That was her life at home but when she went to school she gave off a whole other life. She wanted people to think she was hood or living that ‘Thug Life’. Her parents doesn’t know about her double life because she knows they will try an tell her secret to her friends. She has never invited friends over to her house or had parties at her house because of it. Her parents thought she didn’t have friends or she fucked around a lot because she was never home. To this day, no one knows her secret and she would like to keep it that way.

Where are you from? “Chi-city bitch.”

Why do you want to be on the Bad Girls club? “To have fucking fun. I can’t take this hood shit anymore.”

Issues: Liar, Follower

What makes you pop off? “Rule number 1, don’t come close to me.”

"This shit is harder."

Melanie Sal | The Secret Keeper | 22 years old | Toronto, Canada | Open | FC: Honey cocaine

Bio: Melanie is your chick for a laugh or to keep it real with you. She knows your business, you know her business and she wants to keep it to yourself. If she finds out you have been telling her business, she’ll fight you. You might want to limit the secrets you tell her, she’ll tell all your secret with a drop of a hat if you piss her off. You make hr mad once and it’s the end of your social life. for good.

Where are you from? “The T. Dot.”

Why do you want to be on the Bad Girls club? ” Party, have fun, fuck all the good stuff.”

Issues: Backstabber, Anger Problems

What makes you pop off? “You want to know? A little of this, a little of that depends on my mood that day.”

Chantel Jeffries | The Selfish Bitch | 20 years old | Los Angeles, CA | Open | FC: chanteljeffries

BIO: Chantel has always been known as the bitch that cares about herself more than anything. Always keeps herself in check and puts you in check if needed.

Where are you from? LA. [throws up LA hand gesture]

Why do you want to be on Bad Girls Club? [shrugs] Just to let people know not every bitch is as much of a bitch as you think.

 Issues: Blunt, Nosey

What makes you pop off? Bitches that talk and bitch too damn much.

"Fix your lipstick before you come for me."

Jasmine Simmons | The Fun Time | 21 years old | Nashville, Tennesee | Openf| FC: Tinashe

Bio: Jasmine is weird, funny, crazy, and will always keep you on your toes. Jasmine never wanted to be angry. Coming from a home where her parents fought ever night, she never wanted to be like that. Also, seeing her father hit her mother threw her over the edge. She tried to fight him to his death. She hasn’t seen him since. Jasmine never wanted to fight again, she hasn’t been in a fight since and plans to keep it that way.

Where are you from? “Nashville, ya heard me?”

Why do you want to be on the Bad Girls club? “I want to get away from Nash for a while. Why not in Miami?”

Issues: Paranoid, Temperamental

What makes you pop off? “I keep my anger inside, I don’t like to fight. I know how to fight but I choose not too unless you push me to that point.”

"I just wanna turn up, turn up."

Rebecca Jones | The Backstabber | 21 years old | Dallas, Texas | Open | FC: Bella Throne 

Bio: Rebecca is your mean girl in high school. She was known for ruining relationships, friendships, your self-esteem. Your mean girl. She isn’t the one to fight her own battles, she usually starts fights but no one would know it was her. Reason she like that you say? She never felt loved, never from a boyfriend, her family. No one. So Rebecca decided to mess up any relationship she feels like, and it usually works.

Where are you from? “Dallas love.”

Why do you want to be on the Bad Girls club? “Every season needs a villain. Meet your villain.”

Issues: Manipulator, Insecure

What makes you pop off? “Nothing, I just like seeing people freak out.”

"What makes you think your relationship is so strong?"

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